How To Neurologically Condition Your Brain To Generate Awesome Copy in 2019?

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Rewriting winning ads is a method heavily popularized by the late marketing legend Gary Halbert.

Gary argued that rewriting best-selling copy would leave a ‘’neurological imprint’’ in your brain.

This imprint would then be absorbed by your subconscious giving you the power to write best-selling copy completely automatically. In a blink of an eye.

A study from Human Brain Mapping, has proved that writing actually activates a much larger area of your brain than just reading.

And the area that gets activated is the same part, that lights up, when you write an original piece.

In essence – your brain assumes, that you are coming up with best-selling ads.

Do it enough times and you will be able to write best-selling copy for your own products.

The small circle of copywriters who do this are up to something. And they bring in buckets of profits.

It’s the same as learning to drive. You can’t learn to drive without…you know… actually driving.

Similarly, you can’t learn to sell, without selling. Or write without writing.

But there is one thing almost everyone gets wrong about ‘’neurological imprinting’’…

Should you just haphazardly run off and start rewriting any old winning ad?

Heck no!

The beauty of this method lies in the selection of the copy to copy (pun intended).

You don’t want to sound like a newspaper from 20th century, do you?

Sure, you can find old controls in seconds. But you will quickly realize that it is really tough to get Your hands on a piece of a fresh, highly converting sales copy.

And that is not an accident!

Companies are very secretive about the success of their campaigns for a simple reason:

If anyone could effortlessly find the best-selling ads of 2019 they could just start to copy those ads and cut into their market share.

How can I find bestselling sales copy of 2019?

There are two options.

First, you can perform a deep market research.  This usually takes a long time – ranging from a couple hours to a few days.

If You are lucky, someone will have done it for You. But that is rare.

You will have to gather a list of companies that run long-form sales copy (either in text or video sales letter format).

Then you should find out if the company is profitable.

And finally make sure whether or not the ad has been running for long.

If a company spends money on the same ad for more than a year you can be sure that the ad is profitable.

Then just analyze the ad and rewrite it in your own handwriting.

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How To Neurologically Condition Your Brain To Generate Awesome Copy in 2019?, CocaCopy - Addictive Copywriting
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