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I help busy life & business coaches get booked and sell more courses with addictive online copywriting.

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Before taking the gig, he made sure he understood my project on a deeper level, instead of just rushing to take the offer.
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Ligia Kleber
Mindset Coach
Very Professional, the delivered product was on point and in line with expectation I recommend him highly.
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Maya Lazarova Whitehead
Founder and CEO at Cash Cloud Pty Ltd
He was great. I am excited to put plan into motion and implement his advice! Thanks!
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Katie Danger
HOME, CocaCopy - Addictive Copywriting

Dear Coach,

I am Ansis – a direct-response copywriter. I’ve worked with multiple six-figure coaches – we’ve had fun, made sales, and grown together…

Now here’s why I love to help coaches get more clients and sell more:

I used to be painfully average at everything… So, sooo average… My high-school math teacher used me as a prop to explain the middle of the bell curve average.

This changed when I discovered self-help, business literature and direct-response copywriting…

I learned the importance of goal setting, uninterrupted focus, persuasion, and sticking to one thing and ONE thing only.

While during the past couple of years I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients – coaches are hands down the best!

After all you help regular people like me get closer to our dreams.

If you’re a coach I’d like to express my deepest gratitude… Thanks to helpful souls like you – I and many others have had the guidance towards freedom and growth. 

Let’s help even more people by making your offers irresistible to your dream customers!

HOME, CocaCopy - Addictive Copywriting

Jono's Story: "I Ended Up Selling A Whole Load More Of My Product Than I Did Before"

Jono Bacon is a leading community and collaboration strategy consultant, author, and speaker.  He has a track-record of having keynoted 80+ conferences around the world, and is an active investor and advisor in companies including Coda, AlienVault, Mautic, and others. Visit to learn more about building amazing communities and audiences.

Germans Story: From Wasting Ad Dollars To Making $10k With Just $300 adspend

Germans Saveljevs is a financial advisor. Visit Germans website to learn more about trading.

Copywriting ‘’Wakes Up’’ Your Clients And Makes You More Money

As a coach you inspire meaningful and enlightening transformations... You guide your clients and WAKE them up!

As a copywriter I inspire buying decisions for meaningful coaching products & services. Put simply - I wake up your clients and make 'em buy your:

Courses, webinars, membership sites, group-coaching or one-on-one consultations…

''CocaCopy'' is for you if:

- You'd like to have more time for self-care, your hobbies, and clients.

- You'd like to elevate your sales funnel to make more sales and attract qualified, well paying customers...

- You'd like your sales materials to sound like YOU... (without you know - cloning yourself)...

That would be great, right?

And if you've been wondering: why does it sometimes take you forever to do important things - like getting your sales machine optimized - we can finally get started. 

Learn how by booking a free consultation or visiting my blog and get in on what works for life and business coaches today.

HOME, CocaCopy - Addictive Copywriting

What If You Could Forget about:

Take Advantage Of MY 3 Step SAles Funnel ''AWAKENING" process

#1. Free Consultation

Schedule a free, quick discovery call which’ll bring you more clarity on how you can improve your funnel. This is not a sales call. We’ll see if there’s anything you can do immediately to boost your sales funnel. Of course, we may decide to work together, but I won’t try to hard-sell you or anything like that. No tricks, no gimmicks. Think of it as a diagnostics tool for your business.

#2. Done-for-you Copywriting

I’ve developed formulas, and techniques, which work especially well for life and business coaches. This means I am aware of the most common roadblocks for getting more sales, increased conversion rates and qualified client base.

#3. Tweaking & 100% "Persistance" Guarantee

I’ll implement the copy and tweak it until the campaign works. Sometimes a little testing of various angles, can bring you a lot more money than just giving up. Persistence is key. As always.

You're 33 minutes away From Up-Leveling Your Business

HOME, CocaCopy - Addictive Copywriting

''We got really lucky with Ansis...''

It’s extremely difficult to find a truly gifted copywriter. We got really lucky with Ansis and his work!

 – Ed Bilat, Business Coach,

HOME, CocaCopy - Addictive Copywriting

''It's clear that Ansis did his research.... ''

Quick turnaround with quality copy for a great webinar opt-in page. It’s clear that Ansis did his research and spent time understanding my product and target audience. Well done! 

Jeff Swanson, Finance Coach,

HOME, CocaCopy - Addictive Copywriting

''He got what the message is about...''

Great work! He got what the message is about and got the sales copy ready for my Seminar. He responded quickly to get the final edits done. 

Dario Cucci, Sales Coach,

Are You Ready To:

I Write:

Facebook Ad Copy

Generating leads with Facebook ads is the fastest way to build your audience.

Sales Page Copy

Overcome the objections of your audience, sell by telling relatable stories, boost the perceived value of your offer and so on.

Squeeze Pages

Gather as many qualified leads as possible from the traffic you already get.

Landing Page Copy

Convince your prospects with an elegant landing page copy, designed to prompt action.

Email Campaigns

Your Email list is your golden goose. Let’s make sure it’s nurtured – and ready to buy.


Use video content to effortlessly charm your prospects, without boring them to death. And forget about having a loss of words - I'll take care of your ''gift of the gab''.


Most frequent questions and answers

It’s a common misconception that real results take time. Sure, sometimes you have to grind and hustle. Other times it’s enough to know where to look to quickly solve a challenge. I’ve worked with multiple coaches before, and while most are unique individuals, they seem to struggle with similar ”growth inhibitors”. 33 minutes are more than enough for me to help you notice opportunities for skyrocketing your revenue.

I’ve ran email campaigns with ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft (now Keap), Kajabi and MailChimp, as well as Clickfunnels. If you’re looking for an email campaign I’ll write the emails, I’ll put them in the system and I’ll send them. Then I’ll gather data and I’ll improve the messaging and delivery until you’re making so many sales you’ll need a wheelbarrow (or ten) for carrying all the extra money I make you.

I’ve created funnels in Clickfunnels and WordPress. I don’t however do custom designs. I use default templates and customize them to deliver the copy in just the right way. If you’d like to see an example of my funnel building skills look no further – I’ve actually designed this website on WordPress all by myself.

I’m glad you asked. Unlike ”creative” copywriters, who like to express their artistic vigor, I am concerned about ONE thing… and ONE thing only – > boosting ROI of each ad, landing page, and sales funnel You run. I don’t position myself as a ”creative genius” I am just a guy, who’s intimately aware of what makes personal-development audiences buy – I know someone, who has consumed more self-development and business content than anyone out there – and yes, that someone is me.

I call my copy (and my website) CocaCopy for two reasons. 

#1 It’s Easy To Remember

#2 My copy is as stimulating and addictive as the drug you derive from COCA plant (it’s cocaine). Thankfully, the only side effects you get from CocaCopy are more sales.


HOME, CocaCopy - Addictive Copywriting

Address Latvia, Riga, Zakusala 33, LV1039